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Hunter and Trapper Training Courses: Online Registration

The Department of Natural Resources is accepting applications for the following courses:
NS Hunter Education $30 + HST * prerequisite - see below
NS Furharvester Education $40 + HST
NS Bow Hunter Education $40 + HST
Crossbow Hunter Education $29.95 + HST


A credit card is required in order to submit payment. Pre-paid cards are not accepted.

In order to purchase hunting/trapping licences or apply for limited-entry hunt draws in Nova Scotia, you are required to have a Wildlife Resources Card.  The Wildlife Resources Card (WRC) carries all of your training certifications and uniquely identifies each person with a 9-digit client ID number.

When you complete your training course, you will be given a course completion number.  Use this number to order/update your Wildlife Resources Card (WRC) with your new training certification. 

* Prerequisite for First Time Hunters!
In order to hunt with a firearm in Nova Scotia, you must complete and pass both the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and the Nova Scotia Hunter Education Course. 

To register for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, click here.

If you are under the age of 18, you also require a “Minors Firearms Licence.” 
Call 1-800-731-4000 ext 6505 or 902-424-6689 for more information.

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